Safe Colony Concept

The prime motive of "Safe Colony at night" is to prevent crime by educating and motivating the particular Society / Colony. The local Police shall identify crime prone colonies where House breakings, burglaries, snatchings, eve teasing, un-social elements and other kind of crime occur regularly

Study will be made about the Topography of the safe colony depicting mosques, darghas, temples, schools, colleges, banks, Crime spots and other important places

The Safe Colony Management Committees will appoint Safe colony protection Squad (S.C.P.S) and  ID Cards will be issued involving youth of the colony for guarding and watching the colony during nights. This S.C.P.S with the coordination of sector SIsfPatrol car/Blue colt staff will close all the entry/exist points of the colony by placing barricades between l0 P.M and 6 A.M every day and will keep open only one or two entry and one or two exit point and they will man at the points with registers. lt will help in checking the movement of criminals and at the same time prevent outsiders from entering the colony during night and creating nuisance. The Police will also assist the local colony welfare associations in choosing the routes that are to be kept open in the night.

Limited entry/exit during night (10.00 PM - 5.00 AM).

Mobile barricades with signages to be erected.

The Local Police shall identify strategic junctions, entry/exit points to the colonies and get the CCTV Cameras erected alongwith a backbone network connected to a local Command Centre situated at a convenient place within the colony, to be monitored by a representative of colony on 24 X 7 basis.

Security Guards at entry & exit points

Night Patrols by Community Volunteers

Taking security aspects into consideration, Sector sub-Inspector, patrol car, blue colts staff shall liaise with colony association /SCPS /volunteers /security guards to prevent offences

Sector Sls, Patrol ear, Blue colt staff to have one to one and one to many (Group Contact - Bulk SMS) for exchange of information regarding prevention of crime

Association committee should properly intimate to the Police Station about locked houses in their colony for keeping proper vigil on such houses by Police at the time of their patrolling

Local Police i.e., concerned ACP, SHO shall organise meetings with the Safe Colony management committees and shall educate them and motivate them in making the initiative effective and successful. Such awareness meetings/programmes hold the key to community acceptability of the entire process.

Colony should have "Safe Colony Management Committees" for easy redress of complaint, if any. For this purpose during the awareness sessions proactive citizens from the locality must be identified and encouraged.

Identification cards to Community Volunteers to be issued by Colony Association.

The Role of Police is minimal and the colony welfare associations will take the responsibility of security & monitoring of CCTVs which shall be installed at the entry and exit points of the safe colony and also ensure proper lighting in the colony with the help of GHMC

The Police will hold meetings with the Colony Resident Welfare Associations and ensure that the established system is properly kept up and run

The voluntary participation of the colony people is essential for effective implementation of this concept.

The list of the inhabitants shall be collected from the colony Association..

Local Police shall co-ordinate with various departments like GHMC, Electricity, Fire, in case of need.

Shall collect the contact numbers of the agencies like Security Guards, Newspaper agencies/boys, cable operators, Milk suppliers, domestic servants, electricians, plumbers etc from the colony welfare associations

Display of photographs of repeated property offenders

All the colony people should know help lines phone number of Police as well as local Police for quick alertness. Alarming system should be installed in the locality.

Make Sector Sl responsible for coordination with the concerned colony communities for smooth functioning of the project.

ACP and SHO to involve overseeing the implementation of the project and periodic Community meetings to be held for feedback and improve the functioning.

Planning of parking areas within the Colony

Planning of clean and green colony - location of garbage dumps, plantations

Planning the locations of Bus Stops and other Community inter-face facilities

Action against stray cattle, stray dogs.

Putting up of Suggestion Boxes

The success of these initiatives lies in the citizens pro active participation at every stage. This is possible only with the Police Station role as a facilitator from the initial stage itself.