NENU SAITHAM (నేను సైతం)

The Government of Telangana has initiated a series of measures to upgrade the standards of safety and security in the Capital City of Hyderabad with an objective to transform Hyderabad City into a Global City and Hyderabad City Police into a Global City Police.

One of the most popular and cost-effective ways of providing comprehensive security is Electronic Video Surveillance (CCTV) System. It acts as a very successful deterrent to reduce/eliminate crime and it is vital to provide adequate protection to the citizens. As part of this effort, the Police Department has already initiated various citizen’s safety and security programs such as City-wide Safe City Project, Community CCTV Project and Nenusaitham Project. The advent of City-wide Community CCTV implementation has already experienced the greatest impact on crime by the police in downward trend of crime patterns by an average of 16% year-on-year.

    Nenusaitham Project’s vision is to develop healthy communities and ensure that the highest quality of life is derived from the presence of CCTV system. It is mainly to encourage the individuals, residential and business communities owing their premises safety by deploying the CCTV system to cover the building lobbies, corridors, common areas, perimeter, entrances & exits, and covering 50-meter outside area surrounding the building premises. .
    The system helps the individuals, residential and business communities in::

    • Prevention of Crime
    • Prevention of Thefts
    • Act of Evidence
    • Monitor high risk areas
    • Solve Crime through video footage by Police
    • encourage good behavior, and
    • Increase Citizen’s Confidence.

    The supplier collaboration can often make the long-term sustainability and deliver the tangible benefits to the society through this initiative as a critical success factor. It is important to critically understand the suppliers profile to build strong relationships with the citizens in safeguarding their investments and keeping the system operational for a longer period.

    Therefore, it is essential to affect the selection of qualified suppliers through a criterion of each having
    • Goods & Service Tax (GST) registered with concerned tax agencies, and
    • Minimum two years of experience in implementation of IP based CCTV system.

    The responsibilities of supplier are to supply, install, commission and deploy the IP based CCTV systems including support and maintenance of the system through its intended warranty period.