JOB CONNECT - Connecting Skills with Opportunities

Job Connect (జాబ్ కనెక్ట్ ) - Connecting Skills with Opportunities - Recruitment is all about changing lives– supporting individuals in important career decision, and providing organizations with the employees that are "just right" for them.

There are a lot of aspiring individuals who are on the lookout for a job, unfortunately not everyone goes to work. A lot of them get out to look for a job that suits them career wise. You might be an engineer, a doctor, an IT professional, managerial staff, bank employee, a sales rep, a marketing manager or rep, a labor or could belong to any other profession. Once upon a time, when jobs were scarce or when recession was on, people could easily complain about the unavailability of jobs.


What recruiters need: A candidate needs to have just the right skills to fit into a vacancy. So any smart recruiter would want to have a peek the work habits of the candidate, how the person gels with his coworkers, how he/she performs and how much of a fit he/she will be in the company’s culture. These are crucial characteristics a hiring manager wants to know before interviewing and shortlisting a candidate

    Planning/Organizing: This refers to the candidate’s ability to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within allotted time frames.
    Management Proficiency: This refers to the candidate’s ability to make business decision.
    Training/Mentoring: This refers to the candidate’s ability in certain area where it help them to guide co-workers.
    Technical Proficiency: This refers to the candidate’s practical knowledge to perform the work in specified area.
    Research Proficiency: This is a candidate’s ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more info and identify key issues that need to be addressed.
    Creative Proficiency: This is a candidate’s ability to turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.
    Analytical Proficiency: This is a candidate’s ability to visualize, gather information, articulate and analyze to solve complex problems.
    Leadership Proficiency: This deals with a candidate’s ability to take charge among coworkers. They are goal-driven leaders who maintain a productive climate and confidently motivate and coach employees for high performance.
    Interpersonal Abilities: This is the ability of a candidate to relate to coworkers, inspire others to participate and mitigate conflict with co-workers.
    Communications Proficiency (listening, verbal and written): Probably the most sought after skill by employers — the ability to listen, write, and speak effectively. Successful communication is critical for business.
    Teamwork: Since most jobs involve working in work-groups, the candidate must be able to work with others while achieving a common goal.