Terror Activites


To successfully prevent the acts of terror and save the lives of many innocents Never Ignore Your Instincts?


You CAN only identify a terrorist threat by observing or hearing about suspicious activity that may lead to a Terror Attack. Identifying suspicious activity is not a difficult science. Rely on your judgment. Your suspicion need to be based on


Suspecious Activity

  • Individuals who order food at a restaurant and leave before the food arrives or who order without eating
  • Anyone leaves his gift pack, bags, brief case, lunch/Tiffin box on the vehicle or at a crowded place like an office building, park, dust bin , a school, or a shopping center or an airport and doesn't turn up, it could be a terror object.
  • Someone suspiciously exiting a secured, non-public area near a train or bus depot, airport, bridge, government building, or tourist attraction
  • Someone unfamiliar loitering in a parking lot, government building, or around a school or playground
  • Surfing net late in the night, chatting with the "friends" privately in a coded language could be a suspicious activity. He/she possesses multiple user IDs. Keep track on the websites the person visiting
  • Some employee of your company suddenly transformed into a deeply religious man, works on holidays, starts quoting religious scriptures in his conversations. His activities should be under scanner immediately
  • A group of youngsters (20-40 yrs) traveling in a bus or train with their luggage on their bodies/laps. If you are a driver/conductor/coach attendant, suspect them and check their baggage.
  • Someone leaving bus or train or cinema hall abruptly leaving his bag behind could be a terror suspect.
  • Someone in improper attire like wearing winter clothing in summers, bulky clothing with hands in the pockets, sweating profusely and in a hurry could be suspicious.
  • Someone very young, well educated, well employed harps on the words like "dying for God", "great life in the paradise", "elimination of other religions" in formal/informal conversations, goes to religious places very regularly, prays differently, suddenly minimizes contacts with friends could be a terror suspect in making.
  • Anyone who is calm, pleasant, well educated, looks detached and holds ultra radical religious beliefs, learns complex religious scriptures, moves in a closed group and shows intolerance to those who do not agree with him/her could be a terror suspect in making.
  • Any type of activity that seems frightening or unusual within the normal routines of your colony, community, and workplace

Tactics of Terror

In addition to the above terror signals, we also provide you with following information which might help you to detect the terror plans

The following should cause an increased sense of suspicion

  • Unusual interest
  • Surveillance (suspicious in nature)
  • Note-taking
  • Drawing of diagrams
  • Annotating maps
  • Using binoculars or night vision devices

Unusual or suspicious activity does not necessarily mean that terrorist activity is happening, but be aware of the following suspicious behaviors

  • Individuals acting suspiciously.
  • Individuals avoiding eye contact or the individuals wearing goggles irrespective of the weather.
  • Individuals departing quickly when seen or approached.
  • Individuals in places they don't generally belong.

Tips for Emergency Preparedness

Since it's not difficult to be prepared -- and since many of these steps are useful for many situations, we thought we'd share these tips with you

  • This is not an exhaustive list -- it's simply aimed at getting you thinking in the right direction.
  • To prepare for a disaster like terrorist attack requires a level head, a calm approach and some information
  • By definition, many disasters and terrorist attack are generally unpredictable. They are occurring around the world.
  • Nonetheless, there are lots of things many of us can do to protect ourselves and our families and maybe save lives should something happen
  • Having some basic information and tools can go a long way toward making you more confident in the event of a disaster in your surroundings


  • NOTICE YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Should you be caught in an unexpected disaster or terror attack, take immediate notice of your surroundings. BREATHE -- and don't panic. (We know that's easier said than done, but we also know you could save your own life with just this one way to prepare for an emergency.
  • PAY ATTENTION: If you are in any situation, with strangers, and something makes you uneasy -- pay attention. Start moving and leave the situation immediately if you can safely do so. Tell someone and Do something. Do not Ignore It. Your Silence could be dangerous.


  • DOING WITHOUT: Be prepared to 'do without' amenities you are familiar with and used to accessing. Be patient and learn the art of survival.
  • HELP WHERE YOU CAN: If your help is needed, offer it. It will take your mind off what's going on around you, help you feel like you're contributing -- and you may even save a life.

Suicide Bombing

Who is a Suicide Bomber?

Suicide bombers are among the most difficult attackers against which to defend. But knowing how to prepare and react knowledge you can absorb below can make the difference between death and survival

What are his/her top Targets

Be extra alert for suicide bombers in crowded, public spaces, particularly at peak times . Top targets include

  • Public transport, trains or buses
  • Police installations
  • Malls
  • Train or bus stations and airport check-in lines
  • Restaurants, discos, pubs etc
  • Stadiums
  • Movie theaters
  • Temples, churches and other religious gatherings
  • Schools or universities

What is the Impact of a Suicide Bomber?

  • A suicide bomber will typically place himself and his deadly payload wherever he thinks he will kill the most people.
  • A single suicide bomber can carry enough explosive on his body to kill or gravely wound everyone on a bus or train coach. Suicide bombings not only have high physical destructive value, but are psychologically traumatizing, bringing the spectre of terror nearly anywhere.